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Samsung Galaxy S20

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Convert your Samsung Galaxy S20 into cash effortlessly! Just select its storage, condition, and network for an instant quote. Experience quick, fair, and smooth selling with Broken Fones. Sell today and get rewarded fast! 

Category: Samsung
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Choose Your Device
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Pack & Post with Ease
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Swift Same-Day Payment
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Sell Your Samsung Galaxy S20 - We Buy Various Conditions

Looking to sell your Samsung Galaxy S20? At Broken Fones, we accommodate a range of conditions, ensuring you get a fair deal:

  • In One Piece: Your device should have no missing parts or components in any condition.
  • Must Turn On: Devices need to power on. We cannot accept phones with motherboard faults.
  • No Water Damage: Phones must not have suffered from water damage.
  • Account Locks: Please remove any iCloud, Samsung, or Google Accounts.
  • Network Locks: Devices should be free from Non-UK network locks.

Cosmetic Damage - Functional:

This category is for iPhones that are operational, despite showing signs of wear:

  • Cosmetic Damage: We accept dents, scratches, or other visible imperfections.
  • Cracked Glass: The glass can be broken or cracked as long as the LCD screen is fully operational.
  • Operational LCD Screen: The screen must function, allowing access to all features and apps.
  • Heavy Usage Signs: The phone should be fully functional, despite heavy usage.

Powers On - Faulty:

Ideal for iPhones that power on but have certain issues:

  • Touch Responsiveness Issues: Problems with touch responsiveness are accepted.
  • Component Level Faults: We accept faults related to battery, camera, speakers, microphones etc. We cannot accept phones with motherboard faults.
  • Heavy Usage Signs: The phone should be complete and functional, despite any signs of usage.

Whether your Samsung Galaxy S20 is cosmetically impaired but functional, or has specific faults but powers on, choose Broken Fones for an easy and straightforward selling process. Get your competitive quote today – it's never been simpler to turn your phone into cash!

To sell your Galaxy S20, visit our website, select your device model, and provide details about its condition. We'll give you an instant quote. If you accept, follow the instructions to ship your device to us.

Absolutely. We evaluate each Galaxy S20 based on its model, condition, and market value to ensure you receive a competitive and fair price.

Yes, we accept Galaxy S20 devices with various levels of damage, including cracked screens. However, the extent of the damage will be considered in determining the final buyback price.

Before sending your phone, make sure to back up your data, perform a factory reset, and remove any SIM or SD cards. This ensures your personal data is secure and the phone is ready for assessment.

Once we receive your device, it's quickly assessed, and payment is processed promptly. The entire process is designed for efficiency to ensure you receive your payment without unnecessary delays.