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iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Simply select your iPhone 11 Pro Max's storage and condition—we accept any! Get an instant quote and experience a quick, fair, and hassle-free selling process with Broken Fones. Sell today and get paid fast!

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Swift Same-Day Payment
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Sell Your iPhone 11 Pro Max - We Buy Any Condition!

At Broken Fones, we buy iPhone 11 Pro Max devices in any condition, as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Powers On: Your phone must turn on.
  • In One Piece: The device should be intact with no missing parts.
  • No Water Damage: Phones must be free from water damage.
  • iCloud Free: Please remove any iCloud, Samsung, or Google accounts.
  • UK Network: Devices should be free from non-UK network locks.

We accept phones with:

  • Cosmetic damage (dents, scratches, cracked glass)
  • Touch responsiveness issues
  • Faulty components (battery, camera, speakers, microphones, etc.)

Turn your iPhone 11 Pro Max into cash today with Broken Fones – it’s quick and easy!

Yes, we buy iPhone 11 Pro Max devices with cracked screens as long as the phone powers on and the LCD is functional.

Yes, we accept iPhone 11 Pro Max devices with touch responsiveness issues, provided the phone can turn on.

We accept phones with various faults such as cosmetic damage, touch issues, and component level faults (e.g., battery, camera, speakers). However, the phone must power on and cannot have motherboard faults.

Simply visit our website, enter your phone’s details, and get a competitive quote instantly.

Before selling your iPhone 11 Pro Max, make sure to back up your data, perform a factory reset to erase all personal information, and remove any accounts, such as iCloud or Google, linked to the phone.