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Choose this condition if your handset is in perfect working order but looks used.
  • Handset powers on, is fully functional; free from any physical damage or faults.
  • Display is original or a genuine OEM replacement; it can have light scratches. No delamination; cracks; heavy scratches; pressure marks/white spots; discolouration or dead pixels. No screen burn. Screen has not lifted.
  • Housing is in good condition, no delamination/peeling; no cracks in the case; home button; rear cover/glass, camera lense. No chips and is not bent.
  • Battery health is good.
  • Home button; Touch ID; Face ID; NFC all function correctly.
  • Handset has not been modified; Jail Broken or rooted.
  • Where applicable stylus must be included.
  • No liquid damage.


    iPhone 6S Plus

  • 128GB Storage
  • Good Condition
  • unlocked
  • Cash Value: £71

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